Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Latest trip to Abuelita's house

A couple weekends ago, we spent the weekend at Abuelita's and Nonno's house. We were actually there at the same time as my Uncle Ralph. It's been a long time since Andrew, Livie, and I have seen him. We last saw him in the winter of 2006 in El Paso, when we were all visiting my grandparents.

Here are some photos from a couple weekends ago, finally . . .

Stormy night! Our first night in town:
There was a tornado warning that evening. As a matter of fact, Abuelita sent Andrew and me out to get Dairy Queen ice cream for the whole crew; we actually heard the Giant Voice sounding the tornado warning just as we pulled out of the neighborhood!

The next day, it was partly cloudy, but a good day to go to the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market.

Daddy want to show Livie the swollen river in downtown Des Moines.

Later on, Livie spent some time with Uncle Ralph.
They're obviously enjoying the conversation!

They talked a lot about the bunny in the back yard. Hard to see it in the photo, but he was around for a while!

The next morning, we all went out for breakfast, per Livie's request.
We're waiting for a table. 

A-ha! We got a bit of a smile out of Oma!

Okay, I snapped a photo just in time to catch a laughing uncle.

And now's the time to get Oma's laughter! Abuelita has a nice smile, too!

Here's a smiling Oma, who is being entertained by Livie.

Okay, that's about it for the photos from that weekend. I posted a few of that weekend's Farmers' Market photos earlier, and you can find them at the July 25th "Random Farmers' Market photos" post.


varunner said...

What gorgeous pictures of the storm!!

Dawn said...

Love the pictures of the sky.
Ominous yet beautiful!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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