Saturday, August 28, 2010

An update on Liv's Iowa State Fair Coloring Contest entry!!

So in recent posts, I talked about how Livie entered the 2010 Iowa State Fair coloring contest, 3 - 4 year old division. Check out Liv's Entering an Iowa State Fair Contest! and Reminiscing about the 2010 Iowa State Fair, Part I, for my previous discussions about her coloring contest entry.

Anyway, as stated in this post's title, I have an update.

The mail just came, and among all the envelopes was one addressed to Livie from the Iowa State Fair. Hmmm. I opened it.

And inside was her coloring entry along with a yellow Iowa State Fair "Participant" ribbon. I made a big deal about it, explaining to her that because she participated in a Fair event, she received a ribbon.

I told her that she did a good job with her artwork, and for her efforts, this ribbon is what she earned.

Here she is posing with her first ribbon and her contest entry (still in her pjs on a Saturday morning afternoon):
(She's trying to watch something on TV at the same time, which is why she's not looking at the camera.)

The ribbon and contest entry on display:
(I wrote "3 - 4 year old Coloring Contest, 2010 ISF" on the tag on the back of the ribbon).

And one more photo - she's posing in her 2010 Iowa State Fair shirt:
(It's got a cow, corn dog, tractor, chicken, ice cream and 2010 ISF sign on it).

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