Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random photos

Here are a few random photos from our recent trip to Des Moines.

My view from the swings at the park, as Livie pushes me.

Here's that old tree in the back yard.

Nonno's tower (one of them) as seen from the back yard.

Liv's at Jordan Creek Town Center (the nice mall) looking at the Iowa Heart Center/Mercy Hospital poster with Nonno in the Cath Lab.

Liv's in the House! This is the Iowa House of Representatives, in the Iowa State Capitol.

The sunset from the back yard . . .

An approaching storm as seen from the back yard. . .

On the way home, somewhere on I-80 heading east, about halfway between Des Moines and I-380.


Andrew said...

So did Liv get really excited when she saw Nonno on that poster?

And your view from the swings? You were actually swinging on the swings when you took that photo?

Sonya Heilmann said...

Yeah, she went nuts with excitement when she saw that poster. She asked me to take her past it a couple times.

And yes, I was actually swinging. Liv was pushing me.

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