Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Air power

I've been thinking a lot about New Mexico lately, and that means I've been thinking a bit about my time on active duty.

Then I remembered that Livie got to see this F-117 25-ship flyover on 27 Oct 2006, when Andrew and I were still stationed in New Mexico. It was pretty impressive to see this in person, and Liv was 8 months old!

I'm not sure who took this video (maybe someone from the base's Public Affairs office?).

Just a note: it was a 25-ship flyover because it was the aircraft's "25th anniversary," having had its first flight in 1981.

Here's Baby Liv with Daddy as they're waiting for the flyover:
Not the best photo - it was taken with my camera phone.


varunner said...

Did Livie like the fly-over? I ran the Air Force marathon 2 yrs. ago and Pierce loved all the planes flying over. He was so excited.

Sonya Heilmann said...

Liv was briefly interested in the flyover . . . she was more interested in people watching. Of course, she got to see aircraft in flight nearly every day at this point in her life, so it didn't hold her interest too long.

Of course, now that we don't see anything other than an occasional commercial aircraft, and now that she's older, she'd probably be more interested.

I'm sure Pierce had a BLAST with all the aircraft!

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