Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fair Photos Part II

Here are a lotta photos from the Iowa State Fair!

The first few photos are when we went on Saturday afternoon with Andrew. 

When we went with Daddy, we stopped at the Varied Industries Building (nice and air conditioned!); this is where we got to take a photo with Clifford the Big Red Dog!!

Liv and I also showed Daddy the other nicely air conditioned building - the new arena where they held horse shows. We're standing in the part where the competitors warm up. In the background, you can barely see the show ring.

Here's Daddy at the big, marble globe. It's floating on water. It's outside the Agriculture Building, where the Butter Cow is located.

Here's a different entrance to the Agriculture Building.

Outside this entrance is a great big, ol' piece of produce!!
This pumpkin won 1st Place! It was 1300+ pounds!! Liv touched it, even though I told her the sign said "DO NOT TOUCH." 

We're off to search for a 2010 Iowa State Fair t-shirt for Livie.
They're selling 'em right behind Andrew. 

Here's another view of the main grandstand area.

On our way back to our car, Liv wanted to stop and get a photo of her face in the cut-out photo-op display.

A few days later, Liv and I went back with Abuelita.
They're enjoying some lemonade. 

Abuelita just HAD to get a funnel cake. Here is Livie taking her first taste of this fried delectable Fair treat.
She liked the first few bites, but then lost interest in it. 

Here's Livie as she milks a cow. She had a bit of help from a cow handler, and actually got some milk in the bucket.
Abuelita is right behind her; you can kind of see her hand on Liv's left elbow.

Here's one more cut-out photo-op that Liv posed with - almost looks real, doesn't it?! 

Coming soon: more photos from the 1.5 week trip Liv and I took to the Des Moines area. Liv and I took a field trip to the Iowa State Capitol Building. Those photos will be posted later this week, as well as some photos from Liv's swimming lessons.

In the meantime, check out Part I of the Fair photos, if you haven't already. 


Beth Dunn said...

That looks like so much fun!

Andrew said...

Too bad we didn't get back for some corn dogs and a pork chop on a stick. Or a horse show. There's always next year, right?

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