Friday, August 20, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - Bad Hair Day

This week's Memory Lane Friday post is entitled "Bad Hair Day." Now since I'm not at home this week and don't have access to my desktop computer, I don't have access to any photos of myself. So this week, I'm going to share "bad hair day" photos of Livie.

These photos were from when Andrew and I were on active duty and he, Livie, and I still lived in New Mexico. Livie would go to the "CDC" - the Child Development Center (the day care center on base). Since she didn't have too much hair, there was not much I could do with it, especially since I had to be at work at 6:30 AM.

But when she was at the CDC, the ladies who took care of Liv would give her these great hair styles. They'd get those little hair elastics and put them in her hair and it would turn out something like this:

Here's the same hairstyle from a different angle:

Cute, huh? She was in the 6 month - 12 month room when they'd do up her hair like this. I always loved going to pick her up at the end of my work day to see how they styled her hair.

But since I didn't wash her hair every night at bath-time, sometimes she'd turn out with a . . . uh . . . funny hairstyle that would last until the next morning when I'd comb her hair with a wet comb. The funkier "hairstyles" occurred when they used more than 2-3 hair elastics.

Here's what Liv's hair looked like on a "bad hair" day. Even though it was a "bad hair" day, a girl could get away with it if she's little enough, right? 

Okay, so it was supposed to be "bad hair day" but these cute photos were as "bad" as I could get while out of town. 

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varunner said...

Oh gosh, wasn't she just the cutest baby?!?

Maybe you'll have to make up bad hair day when you get home by sharing a few of the 80s pics I bet you have stashed ;-)

Sonya Heilmann said...

Hahaha! I'm trying to think of where I stashed those photos. My dad has a bunch of slides showcasing my "wonderful" early '80s taste in clothing AND hair styles. But I'm not sure how many photos I have at my house. While I'm still at my parents' I should look around for some photos (maybe just ONE photo) to take back of "bad '80s hair"!

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