Friday, February 15, 2013

Girl Scout Cookie Donation

Hi everyone! I've been kinda busy lately, but have some news that I wanted to share.

First, for those of you who don't know, Liv is a Girl Scout! This is her first year in Girl Scouts.
In her Girl Scout vest!

Anyway, it's currently Girl Scout cookie-selling season! She's VERY excited about selling Girl Scout cookies.

And it just so happens, her Abuelita is fond of buying large amounts of Girl Scout cookies from a couple Girl Scouts that she knows; her one request is that the Girl Scouts she buys cookies from will donate these cookies to local veterans.

Well, since Livie is now a Girl Scout, Abuelita has made the same request of her. Abuelita bought a nice number of cookies (saving a few boxes for herself). She had 3 boxes sent to a deployed member of our Armed Forces.

And the rest? These 13 boxes were donated to the University of Iowa Veterans Association (UIVA) on campus. This organization is comprised of students who are obviously veterans (of all branches of the US military), with a vet center located on campus. This vet center has a lot of student-friendly amenities, including computers, printers, desks, a few comfy couches, a snack area (coffee, sodas, snacks, a fridge to store your lunch, if necessary), and so forth. I've spent some time there, myself, studying and using a computer/printer to write/print papers.

She's just outside the vet center.

Anyway, my mom (and I) felt it was important for Livie to offer the cookies in person, in a sort of "ceremony," rather than have me drive to campus to drop off the cookies and leave.

So we packed up all 13 boxes of the donated cookies, grabbed her Girl Scout vest and my camera, and headed down to campus.

There were a number of student veterans in the vet center today, but the UIVA's current vice president, Mike, was available to "officially" receive the cookies.

I took a photo of her handing him one box of cookies ceremonially as they shook hands as a representation of his accepting the donation on behalf of the UIVA. 

The veterans were all very appreciative of the donation, even opening one of the boxes and taste testing them. (It was the new flavor, Mango Crème, and Mike deemed it quite tasty.) And they all wanted to thank Abuelita multiple times for her generous donation.

(And she even got one of the student vets to buy an extra 4 boxes!)
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