Saturday, July 31, 2010

A few more "old" photos from "the archive"

I was searching for some photos for a Memory Lane Friday post a few weeks ago, and found some "old" photos from the '90s and early '00s. They're not the best quality, but they're good enough. 

Here they are . . .

Sir Rafa's in the van. I'm getting ready to drive us somewhere. Breakfast? The zoo? I don't remember.

Uncle Hector and Oma (as she's making her "Ugh" face) at the El Paso Zoo.

The Uncle and Sir Rafa, again, at the zoo.

A mountain view of El Paso, as seen from one of the shoppettes at Ft. Bliss (it's the one near the fitness center - as a matter of fact, you can see the outdoor track's bleachers in the center of the photo).

Andrew's "paying his respects" to Mr. Sniffer the West Highland White Terrier's "final resting place."

My grandparents' wonderful backyard on Mountain Walk Drive.

Ah, saudade . . .  you always seem to find me, somehow. That's okay, saudade; I suppose an occasional visit is normal. Until next time, ate logu.


Beth Dunn said...

Great pictures!

patriciamia said...

Sonia, i was about to go to bed and I had that feeling -- that saudade feeling -- you know the clouds at sunset and I really missed your uncle all of a sudden . . . again. Then you posted these pictures, and the saudade became that much more intense. I hope you're well. Un abrazo, Sonia.

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