Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sir Rafa lives in us

Circa early May 1993.

Sir Rafa, I miss you. When we saw Broadway stage version of The Lion King in January, I thought of you immediately when they sang "They Live in Us." And when Mufasa shows up in the stars to guide Simba, I almost cried because it reminded me of you.

You are gone, but I remember something important; you have not left me. Like Mufasa, you're the guiding force who has not left for those who continue to remember you.

You live in me, Sir Rafa. As long as I live, you live in me. As long as Livie lives, you live in us.

(Video clip is from Disney's beautiful hit stage version of The Lion King - this particular cast is from the London show.)

Happy Birthday, Sir Rafa. I think of you often.

Strength and honor, Sir Rafa. Strength and honor. To paraphrase the line by the Gladiator character, Juba: I will see you again, my grandfather -  but not yet . . . not yet.

This is Gloria Estefan's song "Reach."

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