Thursday, July 22, 2010

A visit with Liv's Paternal Grandparents

Liv spent a few days with Grandmama and Grandpapa, her paternal grandparents, in early July. Scroll down to see some photos of their visit.

Liv and Grandmama are checking out flowers:

Here she is going down the slide:

Here are Liv, Grandpapa and Grandmama posing after Liv bought some flowers:

I lucked out and got somebody to make them all laugh at the same time:

Here are the stargazer lilies that Livie bought:
I secretly liked that she picked out this kind of flower. I had these flowers among roses, pine, and other flowers in my wedding bouquet in December 2002. They also adorned my wedding cake.

Liv's stargazer lily, once we got home:

Here is another photo:

Liv and Grandmama are at The Secret Cellar:

Grandpapa asked for some train photos:

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