Friday, March 12, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - A Family Vacation

Ahhh, family vacations. I need a little break from serious matters, so I'm going to remember something fun today on Memory Lane Friday.

Vacations can be really memorable in a good, crazy way, or really memorable in a bad, crazy way. And when my siblings and I were younger, my dad somehow always ensured that we'd have some sort of craziness during our family vacations that we'd fondly remember for years to come . . . although at the time, I'm sure it wasn't intentional on his part - somehow when our Dad was involved, things were just sort of nutty on their own.

The family vacation I best remember revolves around crazy food choices on a ski trip to Park City, UT. Now, I may be rolling a couple different ski trips into one memory (as it's been a LONG time since we've skied as a family in UT, or anywhere for that matter). But then again, it may have been many parts to just one crazy vacation.

Now I don't remember exactly how old I was. I must've been in high school at the time. And I'm thinking this trip was over Christmas break, because I distinctly remember being in Utah over/around the New Year's holiday.

So we'd get up early and get ready for a fun-filled day of skiing. But of course we'd need to eat breakfast first. I remember going to one restaurant or another near the hotel - some place like Burger King or McDonald's that offered breakfast, where we could get in and get out quickly. My mother wasn't exactly impressed with the nutritional value of our morning meals, but we were on vacation.

Well, one day, while trying to save time or maybe we were running late, my dad decided to handle breakfast on his own in the hotel room. Guess what he served us?! A carton of vanilla ice cream, a bag of M&Ms (which he said would make a perfect topping for the ice cream), and a big bag of red Twizzlers. Hahaha! Breakfast of champions, right?

Then off to the slopes, where we'd work up an appetite (because, while tasty, our breakfast wasn't exactly the best fuel for a morning of physical activity).

So, instead of waiting for a table at a mountainside restaurant of my mom's choice, what did my dad decide to do? He took us to the cookie place - the store with nothing but cookies and milk. He took us all in there, let us pick out the cookies we wanted, and got us each a milk (calcium, protein, and vitamins, right?!) to wash it all down. Oh boy, was my mom irritated, but she went along with it!

Then off for more skiing, where I ended up getting paired with my mom for adventures, my dad and brothers heading off together as a pack. I have a story about skiing with my mom, but I will save that for another day.

After our day of skiing was over, we headed back to the hotel to wash up and change for dinner. My mom wanted to go to some fancy restaurant. While I didn't mind going somewhere nice, my siblings and I were VERY hungry, and we just weren't in the mood to go somewhere and wait for fancy food in fancy settings.

So my dad made a decision and chose a restaurant - a Mexican place in the area called the Irish Camel. What a name for a Mexican restaurant, right?! I don't remember much about the food, and I don't remember much about the experience. But I do remember that the name of the place was so unique, and didn't match the type of food they served.

It's been years now since that trip back in the mid-'80s, but when we laugh about my dad's food choices, he always says that we never remember the fancy places my mom took us to, but vividly remember all the wacky places HE chose!


varunner said...

The Irish Camel! LOL! Your poor mom ;-) I bet you were all hyped up crazy after all that junk food :-)

Sonya said...

Hahaha! The funny thing is - while we'd (almost) jokingly complained about her cooking in the past, it was almost like gourmet food by the time that trip was over!

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