Friday, March 19, 2010

The Changing of the Seasons

I just want to give Mother Nature a reminder because it seems like she needs one.

As much as I like winter, and dislike summer's heat and humidity, I have to remind you of something, Mother Nature. It is no longer time to dump snow on us here in east central Iowa. Saturday is supposedly the first day of spring. That means no more dumping snow on us. I know you're planning on it. The weather reports are calling for a 100% chance of snow tonight and a 60% chance tomorrow (according to NOAA).

Besides, we're under enough of a threat of flooding without having more melting snow to look forward to (once the temps remain spring-like).

I like snow. You know that, Mother Nature. I look forward to autumn and winter every year; I start looking forward to my favorite chilly seasons right around the middle of summertime. But I am tired of trying to safely drive in winter weather in a vehicle not equipped for snow and ice.

Like I said, Saturday is supposed to be the first day of spring. It is now time for tornado season. There are a bunch of storm chasers out here in the Midwest, and Oklahoma in particular, that are ready to get their doppler radars up and running alongside their video cameras to chase some fantastic, scary storms.

And I am looking forward to seeing their storm chaser videos on The Weather Channel and maybe one day I'll be one of them. You know, there's nothing like chasing a storm to get your adrenaline going! So let's get with the program, Mother Nature. It's time for spring.

"A long spiral tornado approaches Union City, OK."
Photo courtesy of NOAA Photo Library

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