Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Since Halloween is on the way . . .

Here are a couple appropriate photos for the Halloween season:

Yes, it's a tarantula! We found it one June afternoon on our house in Alamogordo, New Mexico!! It was nearly as big as my hand!

When I went in to get my camera, I asked Andrew to keep an eye on it (and more importantly, keep Livie away from it).

I, of course, had to take photos of it. But after I snapped a few shots of it, I had Andrew go in to get . . . well, something to squish it.

We weren't sure if it would get into the house, and were worried that it would crawl into Livie's crib.

But somehow it disappeared before Andrew came out with whatever it was he decided to grab. We were on our toes for the rest of the day, wondering if that hairy thing would get inside.

I don't think either of us slept very well that night, just because we wanted to check on Livie every so often, you know - making sure it hadn't gotten inside and anywhere near her.

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