Sunday, October 3, 2010

Liv's Morning at the Farm!

Okay, so in yesterday's post, I mentioned that we were going to take Liv riding this morning. We did . . . and it was a blast!

We went to Kelly's farm, near Abuelita's house. She had her kids help get the pony, Gabby, ready for Liv to ride. Aside from a couple pony rides last autumn, this was the first time Liv actually got to ride. As in, nobody's right there leading the horse - she actually steered Gabby, and kept Gabby walking (with some help).

Needless to say, Liv had SO MUCH FUN!!

She rode around at the walk for a while with Kelly's daughter walking next to them, helping guide Gabby (by instructing Livie how to steer a horse) or encouraging Gabby to keep walking (and telling Livie to either squeeze with her legs, or kick - because to Gabby, Liv's legs didn't feel like much when she squeezed).

Here are a couple photos of Liv as she's riding for the first time:

(Okay, let's see if I'm computer-literate enough to get these videos posted and ready to view.)

Then Kelly and her kids got Gabby ready for driving. They got a little cart set up so that Kelly's son could take Livie for a drive. I actually got to take a ride with them. That was so much fun! Her son (9 years old, I think), by the way, is a great driver.

And then we got to look around the farm. They actually have chickens! They get lots of eggs on a regular basis.

Kelly's son is in charge of the chickens. He caught one and let Livie pet it. She thought it was great.

Kelly actually sent a dozen fresh eggs home with us. I can't wait for breakfast to see the difference between these fresh eggs, and store bought ones. I've heard about how vibrant the yolks from fresh eggs are, compared to store bought ones, and I'm excited to find out for myself.

While checking out the chickens and the eggs, I thought of a blogging buddy of mine, Lisa, who authors the Two Bears Farm and the Three Cubs blog. She has some cool chickens who've recently begun laying eggs (and now that they've started laying eggs, they've become more frequent layers). So please go check out her blog if you've got a few moments. (And if you do a search for "chicken" or "eggs" on her blog, I'm sure you'll see some fun posts about "Elvis," "Natasha," and the other chickens, as well as the post about the "blue egg"!)

Anyway, there's the story about our fun morning on the farm! I'm so glad Livie got to take a ride on Gabby today. It was great watching her ride.

*And yes, I'm ordering her a schooling helmet that's the correct size (the one she wore this morning was too big).

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