Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Arachnid's Spooky and Sweet Adventure

Our town's public library has "Story Time" for 3-5 year-olds every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM.

Since Liv doesn't go to Pre-K on Tuesdays and Thursdays these days, I'm trying to get into the habit of taking advantage of our library's programs for kids, like "Story Time." 

This week, the "Story Time" theme is all about trick-or-treating, because Halloween is just days away. Last week, at the end of "Story Time," (apple orchard-themed), the librarian mentioned that kids should come in their Halloween costumes for this week's "Story Time."

Liv was immediately excited about getting to wear a costume to "Story Time."

Now, Liv has two costumes from years past that still fit (they just fit, but not for much longer) - a pumpkin costume and a spider costume. They're both nice and warm. And considering that today is pretty chilly, feeling even colder with the 28º F windchill, I was glad we have two warm costume options (the third and final one, an Ariel mermaid option, just wouldn't work for anything other than dress-up playtime at home).

Well, she'd been going back and forth about which one she wanted to wear: the pumpkin or the spider . . . the pumpkin or the spider. Finally, she decided on the spider.

Then off we went to the library.

And somehow I hadn't even thought to bring my camera. Really? D'oh!

Well, I did get a very poor quality photo with my cell phone:

Just so you know, here's what she looks like in the costume, as seen in a good photo (taken last year when she went trick-or-treating, along with her ghosty goody bag):

Anyway, she had a blast at "Story Time"! As soon as we got to the library's conference room, she went into "spider" mode - acting creepy and making supposedly "spider-like" noises, all to the delight of the kids' librarian and other kids who'd already arrived and were waiting for "Story Time" to begin. (That's what she was doing in the first photo, above.)

Then after hearing about 25 minutes of Halloween-related kids' books, the kids' librarian took them on a Halloween Parade all throughout the library. They stopped at the children's desk and got some orange sunglasses, then stopped at other desks (circulation, info, etc) and got other treats, like Halloween-themed coloring sheets, plastic spider rings, and some candy treats.

Afterward, I'd promised I'd take her to this awesome chocolate store in town, just down the street from the library.

She had insisted on wearing her costume, even though I'd wanted to slip it off over her head, so she could wear her winter coat (the windchill WAS 28º F, after all).

So when we got to the chocolate store, she was in costume. I think she was expecting that she'd be able to "trick-or-treat," even though I'd said we'd each pick one thing out so I could buy it for an after-lunch treat.

When we got in there, she immediately knew what she wanted. A "lollipop" made out of white chocolate (colored yellow) in the shape of an ear of corn!

 Only in Iowa, right?

Oh, and because she was so cute in costume (and funny when "in character"), the lady gave her a free packet of chocolate, with two pieces in it. She'd asked me if it was okay to give it to Liv, and I said yes. At that point she hinted that Liv eat one and give me the other one, but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen! 

Anyway . . what did I pick out for myself?

A caramel apple covered in chopped pecans and drizzled chocolate. Yum-o!!

But first . . . lunch. We both had PB&J. I was going to eat something else, but when I'd finished making hers, it looked so good, I made one for myself.

Here's Liv's sandwich on one of her Halloween plates. I thought the spider one was fitting, because she was a spider today.

So . . . I'll bet you never knew a spider could have such a morning of adventure, did you?!

Please come back tomorrow for Memory Lane Friday. The topic is "Halloween, Part II" ("Halloween, Part I" and "A Spooky Story" were the past two weeks' topics).

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