Monday, October 4, 2010

Incredible Edible Eggs

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, we got some farm-fresh eggs during our adventure to Kelly's family farm yesterday. (Check out "Liv's Morning at the Farm!" for the full story.)

I'm sure you can guess what we ended up eating for breakfast this morning . . . yep, eggs!

Liv was so excited to eat some eggs straight from the chickens we met yesterday, that she picked out the two she wanted and proceeded to do an "egg" dance!

Check it out!

Kinda reminds me of Max from the classic kid's book Where the Wild Things Are.

Oh, and she chose to have them scrambled, in case you were wondering.

She helped me crack them into the bowl (then needed some help fishing out a few egg shells), and then she helped me whisk them. I did the actual scrambling in the skillet, due to safety reasons.

And then, as she ate them, she deemed them "really yummy!"

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