Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Late summer's stormy weather

We just got whacked with some severe weather (again) in east central Iowa. And yes, I'm on the computer right now (hoping lightning doesn't strike here). There seems to be a lull in the weather right now. I'm still listening to my weather radio, and we're expecting a bit more severe weather, but for now, I'm posting an update before the next storm blows through.

I first noticed that, even though it's midday here, it got DARK! I heard the wind pick up a bit, and looked outside to see some nasty looking clouds. Whoa!

Clouds, as seen from out the front door, 21 Sep 2010.

It got dark - like dusk - in the house with little light coming in from the windows, 21 Sep 2010.

The view of the clouds over the neighbors' house, as seen from the deck at the back of the house.

Storm clouds, as seen from the front yard, 21 Sep 2010.

The storm's approaching, as seen from the back. The winds picked up, and large raindrops started falling.

Yes, I wish I could be a storm chaser, which is why I went outside briefly to take a few photos.

I'd had my lunch warming up in the oven, so in all the "excitement" of the storm that had just arrived, I had to remember to take it out before it burned and set off the smoke detector. 

Then it started raining, and HARD. Andrew called to say that the EMS warning came on in his building at work. So I turned on the Weather Channel to see what's going on. Severe storms were on their way, and we were (and still are for another 30 minutes or so as I type this) under a severe thunderstorm warning, so get indoors and stay away from windows! Apparently, according to the weather radio, this storm is capable of blowing down telephone poles and trees with 60+ MPH winds.

We also got hail.

A small view of the size and quantity of the hail we received, as seen from the front door.

This is about the average size of the hail we got.

It had been about 82 degrees when the storm started, but when I checked the NOAA website just now, it says it's now 69 degrees here.

I can still hear thunder rumbling and saw a bit of lightning earlier. Flooding has been reported, as well as golf ball sized hail.

Actually, it had quieted down by the time I'd started this post, but it sounds like the thunder is getting louder/more persistent as I type, so I'm going to make this quick and wrap up soon.

I have my bug-out bag, weather radio, cell phone, and camera on me right now, just in case I have to duck into the "tornado room" as Livie calls the small unfinished basement we have underneath the stairway.

Okay, sounds like the thunder is picking up some more, so I'm going to sign off.


varunner said...

Wow, that is SOME hail you got! Hope no tornados come your way. Be careful!

Sonya Heilmann said...

Yeah, that's what I thought (tornadoes) when I heard the hail start falling, which is why I grabbed the bug-out bag and weather radio and headed downstairs.

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