Tuesday, September 28, 2010

End of Summer Part II

Here are some more "End of Summer" photos from our early-September trip to The Macadamia Ranch.

Liv and Abuelita decided to take a walk one afternoon, hoping to get back before the thunderstorm arrived. I decided to follow them to take a few pictures.

They're heading down the big hill:

The road has finally been repaved!

Liv and Abuelita are way down the hill.

Stop! Here's the corner where they turned:

 Here's the corner, looking toward home.

 Liv and Abuelita are posing before turning back; Liv's wearing a special headband Nana gave her.

 Liv and Abuelita are heading up the steep hill.

Liv and Abuelita are looking back at me.

 Yes, it's steep. My 4Runner has trouble on this part of the road in the winter.
For now, it's a good workout.

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