Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stormy weather . . .

Today, we got hit with some severe thunderstorms which ended up producing some tornadoes in our area. We were actually at the grocery store when the tornado sirens began sounding. We had a choice: either we check out right then and there, or we all head back to the walk-in coolers. Andrew, Liv, and I decided to check out and head home (just a couple miles away). 

While a tornado didn't touch down in our immediate vicinity, a couple actually touched down in neighboring towns.  One tornado was apparently about 8 miles from our town.

While we didn't get hit by a tornado in our area, we did get hit pretty hard by the same line of thunderstorms that produced the tornadoes in the other areas. Apparently there was a town west of us that reported hail the size of eggs! Can you believe that?!

Anyway, here's what the weather looked like not long after the tornado sirens went off. 

I took this photo from the deck, facing southwest. A lot of thunder and lightning came from those clouds!

More thunder and rain . . .we could feel sound vibrations from the thunder, seemingly directly overhead.

It's actually starting to clear up . . . here's the view of the sky, looking southwest.

Here's the view to the southeast, just moments after the sun made an appearance behind me to the west

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