Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ahhh, Spring at UI!

Okay, so back in January, Andrew and I were at the University of Iowa to register for Spring 2011 classes (as non-degree graduate students). Click here to read about that exciting day of nervousness.

Well, today I was back on campus on a beautiful spring day because I needed to talk to my advisor about upcoming semesters.

Know what? Back in January on that chilly, overcast, depressingly gray day, I made a mental note to enjoy the campus on a cool, green, spring day. Today was that day, and I enjoyed it as much as I could. My meeting was at 9:30, and not knowing how parking would be, I got there about 30 minutes early. I used that time wisely, finding a bench shaded by a bunch of trees. The sky was robin-egg blue, with gentle bits of cloud, artfully dotted around. The bench I'd chosen had a fantastic view of the Old Capitol building in the center of campus.

Iowa's original Capitol, Iowa City, Iowa.

Here's a closer view.

When Andrew and I were here in January, I took a few photos, which you'll see if you click here (and haven't yet clicked on the link at the top). I took one back in January, as you can see here:

And today's spring photo, in approximately the same place:
Big difference, eh?!

Here are the rest - take a walk with me:
At the foot of the Old Capitol building, looking down the hill.
Here's the other side of the Old Capitol.
The Old Capitol is a National Historic Landmark.

Another view . . .
Taking a walk back to my car, and enjoying the view . . .

Straight ahead, down the road is Bruegger's Bagels (where I sometimes get lunch). To the right, just out of view, is one of the book stores.
Behind the trees, out of view, is the Old Capitol.
The view down the street (my car is to the left, out of view).

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