Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Artists' Latest Works

So . . . Liv and I went to The Dreaming Bear's open art studio (Saturdays, 10 AM - 4 PM) again today. We each made two pieces of art . . . and had a blast, of course! Here they are . . . 

I'd had this plain metal frame with Liv's 2010 Santa photo in it. I thought it needed to be glammed up a bit, so I added some "jewels."

 I wanted a funky frame for my favorite White Sands photo, so I made this lime green, jeweled one. (I dried it with a hair dryer before hot gluing the stones onto it. However, there is still a slightly goopy bit of paint on one side.)

 Liv made this very fancy purple pony. She added the pink star (okay *I* hot glued it on, but she told me where to put it), and the purple glitter "flower." (It's on a paper towel, because the paint is still a little goopy, no thanks to the rainy, humid weather).

 She also painted this puppy stuffed animal (which started off white). She added the two purple "freckles" above its nose. (Again, this has a bit of goopy paint on it. I think this will take the longest to dry.) Oh, and part way through painting it, she wanted Mama to have yet another thing to do got bored with it, so she had me finish painting it; then she added the "freckles."

Check out "Art Is Awesome!!" for our previous trip to the art studio.

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Nancy said...

How fun! Your art is awesome. :)

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