Friday, May 6, 2011

Memory Lane Friday - Mother's Day

For Memory Lane Friday this week, we had a choice of what to write about: Mother's Day or 4th Grade. I've decided to go with the Mother's Day theme. And yes, this is going to be a pictorial journey honoring mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers.

 This first photo is of a girl and her grandmother, obviously. Oma and I are walking somewhere. Judging by the outfit Oma is carrying for me, we're going to get my portrait taken. I know this because the date on the photo is July 1973 (I was about 2.5 at the time) and because I have professional portraits of myself in that outfit from - you guessed it - July 1973. Sir Rafa took this photo of Oma and me.
My Oma and I are headed out, El Paso, July 1973.

Now here I am with my mom.  My dad took this photo. This was immediately after my Air Force OTS (Officer Training School) graduation at Maxwell Air Force Base, in Montgomery, AL. I was facing the sun, hence the sun squint.
My mom and I are at my OTS graduation, Montogmery, AL, 19 Nov 1999.

Okay, here's another photo in the "moms and kids" section. Baby Liv and I are home together in the Boston area; she's almost 3 months old here. Yes, this was the period where I hadn't bothered to brush my hair after groggily getting up in the morning.

Here's Livie and Grandmamá (and Grandpapá on the left) at the party we had after Livie's Baptism. Grandmamá is obviously overjoyed; this is one of my favorite photos of the two of them.
Olivia's Baptism party at the O' Club, Hanscom AFB, MA, 22 Apr 2006.

Here's another grandmother/granddaughter photo. I took this photo soon after Livie and I moved from the Boston area to New Mexico. We'd just gotten to the area, and hadn't yet bought/moved into our house in New Mexico. My mom had helped me and Livie travel to the El Paso/Alamogordo area. She had scheduled a few days in El Paso to visit, before heading home. I took this photo in Oma's kitchen. This, by the way, is one of my mom's favorite photos of her and Liv.
Olivia and Abuelita in El Paso, 25 Jun 2006.

 Okay, here's the great-grandmother/great-granddaughter photo! I took this photo of them at my Aunt Lily and Uncle Joe's house in El Paso on Veterans' Day 2006. They had invited us (Oma, Sir Rafa, Andrew, myself, Livie, and Uncle Hector) over for dinner. I can't remember if it was a Veterans' Day dinner (since Sir Rafa, Uncle Joe, Hector, Andrew, and I were veterans), or if it was because my birthday was the next day. Maybe it was a just-because dinner. Regardless, it was a fun time and a tasty homemade meal, thanks to Aunt Lily.
Oma and Olivia in El Paso, Veterans' Day, 2006.

Now I can't forget a photo of Aunt Lily (the Great-Aunt, and a great aunt) and Livie!
Aunt Lily and Livie!

Happy Mother's Day to Oma, Aunt Lily, Abuelita, and Grandmamá!

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Nancy said...

How great that you have been able to share so much with so many "mamas."

Happy Mother's Day, Sonya!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I know you all probably get this all the time - but the women in your family have the most wonderful shiny dark hair. It's truly gorgeous...on all of you!

Happy Mother's Day :-)

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