Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just thinking about Cotton

On Cinco de Mayo, 2001, Cotton (an Appendix Quarter Horse, registered name: Wild Stride) came to live with me in Tucson. (Okay, he actually lived at the stable down the street, but you know what I mean.)

Wild Stride (aka Cotton), May 2001

My friend (we'll call her Renee) had allowed me to lease him from her, as I'd wanted needed a horse to ride. Since she had two other horses that kept her occupied, she wanted to send him to me, wanting someone she trusted to ride/train him.

Well, Renee and I looked at our calenders and decided that May 5th - Cinco de Mayo - would be a good day for her to trailer Cotton down to Tucson from northern Nevada. Cinco de Mayo landed on a Saturday that year.

See, we had to schedule it on a Saturday, so I wouldn't be at work.

Let me tell you . . . that Saturday was the longest day, having to wait for them to get there! I remember waiting at the stable, having gotten there just before dusk and hearing music, laughter, and lots of chatter from a Mexican cantina down the road. I wondered how many margaritas, Coronas, and nachos were being consumed at that cantina as I waited for Cotton, Renee, and her mom to arrive.

The next thing I knew, it was dark and a cool breeze was finally blowing.

And then a set of headlights pulled into the driveway . . . a truck and two-horse trailer. It was them!

Renee and her mom got out of the truck and I went over and hugged them. We opened the back of the trailer and backed Cotton out. He snorted and danced as we led him around, letting him stretch his legs.

It was kinda late (sometime after 8 PM, I think), when they arrived. After we'd gotten Cotton settled in his stall, we headed back to my apartment, getting there around 9 or so. So it was too late to go out for Mexican food - they were beat after driving all day. I think I just made something quick and easy once we got to my place.

But the point is that Cotton was there, finally. And as far as Renee was concerned, he was mine.

Cotton and I always had great times together. And because he arrived on Cinco de Mayo, I always think of him every Cinco de Mayo.

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Nancy said...

Sonya, this is such a touching post.

Whatever happened to Cotton?

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