Monday, April 12, 2010

What a way to spend a Sunday!

Yesterday afternoon we went down to the park a little over half a mile from our house (0.64 mi. according to Mapquest). Livie rode her scooter and Andrew and I walked.

I carried her jellyfish kite as Daddy walked ahead with her. (Technically, it should be called a "jelly" and not a "jellyfish," as I learned at the New England Aquarium in Boston, because they're not actually "fish.")

It was a warm, sunny afternoon with temps near 65˚F, and nice cool breezes (not to be confused with "Bob" from the TV show The Unit).

This was the first time Livie ever got to fly a kite, and she was very excited!
Here she is with Daddy, as they get the kite up in the air:

Here she is flying the kite on her own:

Here's a view of the "jelly" kite as it's in the air:
It's a cool kite, isn't it?! 

Now it's time to play on the playground equipment:

After just over an hour of playing at the park and flying the kite, we headed home. Of course, Livie only made it about a block before complaining that she was tired, so she somehow got Daddy to carry her on his shoulders for the remaining  half-mile home. I, of course, had to carry all the stuff (the kite, the scooter, the bike helmet, and the (mostly consumed) bottle of water).

When we got home, we opened all the windows in the house, grilled hot dogs, and relaxed at home.

Now that's a way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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