Friday, April 9, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - A Favorite Teacher

This week's "Memory Lane Friday" topic was a hard one for me to narrow down. I had a number of favorite teachers from different schools (grade school, high school, college . . . )  and different activities (riding lessons, Tae Kwon Do, music) to make it a difficult choice.

But I've decided to go WAY back to around 2nd or 3rd grade.  The teacher was Mrs. Hunter. She was so kind, gentle, patient. I never saw her getting frustrated, impatient, or upset over anything.

She didn't even react when I'd gotten into her art supplies and did my own art project, while the class was doing something else. 

She had this gentle voice and read fun books to us - I remember that her voice was a good reading voice. Also, when she read books to the class, she'd change the characters' names and insert her students' names. It was fun anticipating when she'd use your name. Then it was such a blast hearing your name in the middle of a fun, familiar book!

Another fun thing about her was the fact that she had a pet skunk! Her skunk's name was Daisy. Daisy's "stink glands" had been removed so she wouldn't squirt anybody. I don't remember how Mrs. Hunter explained that to us, but somehow I knew and understood that we would not get "skunked" by Daisy.

I also remember that her husband was an EMT or firefighter and came over in an ambulance to talk to the class.

She also had a parent and older siblingof one of my classmates bring an Arabian horse (yes, a real one) to teach us a little bit about horses. I remember being out in the field next to the playground, and learning about the Arabian horse Mrs. L. had brought to the school. That was FUN. I was already horse-crazy by this point, and I may have already started riding lessons. So you can believe that I loved this "show and tell"!!

Another time, Mrs. Hunter had the whole class over at her house for a "slumber party" type of thing. I remember my best friend at the time, Alison, was there, as were many (if not all) of the other students from the class!

We did a lot of fun things, like make homemade ice cream (using one of those old-fashioned ice cream churns with the big crank handle, and how the machine needed that chunky salt to help freeze the ice cream). We visited with Daisy. We played tag outside. Then we told ghost stories inside while eating ice cream. As an adult, when I think back on it, I can't believe she'd have us all over for a "slumber party" all night, but I remember staying the night there and eating breakfast there with the class the next morning.

That was definitely a fun year in school!

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varunner said...

How cool that she had a pet skunk! She sounds really awesome. I guess there's no way a slumber party would fly these days.
I'll do a favorite coach another time so we can get those riding instructors in! ;-)

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