Monday, April 26, 2010

An afternoon in Swisher

We spent the afternoon in Swisher on Saturday. It included a leisurely lunch and a short walk.

Swisher is a typical small town in Iowa. And when I say small town, I mean small town!

Took some photos, so here they are . . .

Around the bend

Exterior, Káva House & Café

Exterior, Káva House & Café

Interior, Káva House & Café

Interior, Káva House & Café

Interior, Káva House & Café

Interior, Káva House & Café - yep, it's old-fashioned!

Somebody's ready for lunch!

Experiencing a new culinary taste - fruit with raspberry vinagerette!
She ended up eating all her fruit! And almost all of the sandwich!

We've finished lunch and we're headed out.

Daddy's providing the muscle-power on the way back to the car.

Had to walk across the tracks to get back to the car.

1 comment:

varunner said...

Cute little town. We heart all things train in our house...

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