Sunday, April 25, 2010

This poem's been on my mind.

Since it's National Poetry Month, and since I've been thinking about this poem a lot the past few days, I think I'll share it here.

It's by Octavio Paz. I have a couple books of his poetry which I sadly haven't looked at for years. But the other day I was sitting in the den looking at my bookshelf and there it was. I saw his book of poetry called Configurations, realizing I hadn't really looked at it since I graduated from college (Lake Forest College, in Lake Forest, IL).That was back in 1993 . . . and I haven't looked at these poems since the mid-'90s.

And so I picked up Configurations and began flipping through it. The spine was broken in one part - at the part where this particular poem is located. I read it, remembering how much I liked it, felt connected to it for some reason.

Anyway, here it is, one of my favorite poems by Octavio Paz:
Mis pasos en esta calle
               En otra calle
               Oigo mis pasos
Pasar en esta calle

Sólo es real la niebla

And for those of you who don't read Spanish, here's Charles Tomlinson's translation of Paz's poem:

My steps along this street
              In another street
In which
              I hear my steps
Passing along this street
In which

Only the mist is real

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