Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Taste of "Home"

Okay, so I was kinda missing my New Mexico home lately. But this past Sunday, I'd been in the grocery store and just so happened to have found some green chiles all the way from Hatch, NM! Now, Hatch chiles are rather famous, so I was quite excited to have found some fresh ones out here in corn and soybean country!

I only bought three, not knowing when I'd get a chance to roast, peel, and eat them (since my semester started this week).

I have a lot of homework to read for tomorrow, but I suddenly got worried that the three chiles that I'd bought would go bad before the weekend, so I went out to the grill to roast them. I figured I'd go ahead and roast and peel them now (during a study break), so that I'd have them ready to eat before they went bad. Maybe I can put them in some scrambled eggs tomorrow morning, before I head to class.

Well, I ended up taking a photo of them (of course!) while they were on the grill. And then I had to play around with the photo on Picnik.

Here's the resulting photo:


Jill said...

Pretty picture. Happy for you that you found some!

Randy said...

I love the shot! Roasting season is starting here in Santa Fe. Soon the chili will arrive and the aroma will fill the air. I started a glass this week too and I just can't seem to kick this tired feeling and it's only week one.

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