Thursday, August 11, 2011

Highlights from the 2011 Iowa State Fair (Day 1)

Today, Livie and I spent a few hours at the opening day of the 2011 Iowa State Fair! We saw a ton of things, like a stunt dog exhibition, baby animals (ducklings, lambs, piglets, chicks, turkey babies, calves), Percheron horses, elk, and most importantly, we had to check out the winners of the kids' coloring contest! Click here to see the post about her entries, by the way.

Well, guess what?! Out of scores of entries in the "Anything Goes" category (for ages 3-10), she won 2nd place!! The "Anything Goes" category allows kids to decorate the year's entry with anything, like crayons, markers, paint, glitter, and anything else the kids come up with! (She also entered her age group, the 5-6 year-old group - which allows for just "coloring" with crayons, markers, or paint, but she didn't earn a prize for that entry.)

Liv used crayons, mini pom poms, glitter, jewels, and "confetti" which I made by cutting strips of paper out of colored construction paper. The making of the confetti was the only adult help she'd received, because it required my use of scissors; she actually did the placement/gluing onto the paper.
Here's her entry, as well as the ribbon she won!!

Here are most of the entries in the "Anything Goes" category!

So her winning artwork will be displayed in the Animal Learning Center for the duration of the Fair! That means thousands of Fair-goers will see her artwork! How cool is that?!?!

The other highlight was that we saw a piglet being born. Okay, we didn't actually see the piglet as it made its entrance into the world, but we saw the vet just a moment after she "caught" the piglet's arrival, as she rubbed it clean with a towel.

Liv is proudly posing with a new arrival, freshly cleaned!

These are the two big highlights of our day at the Fair! I will be posting more photos soon! I've got a ton that I want to share, such as a photo of this year's famous Butter Cow; this is important because 2011 is the Butter Cow's 100th Anniversary!

So check back soon to see more Fair highlights!

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Little Merry Sunshine said...

Congratulations Livie! 2nd place is something to be very proud of!

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