Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oma's Birthday!

It's Oma's birthday today, and we're glad to spend it with her. Since my parents are out of town this weekend, Livie and I came to visit. (Andrew is doing his Reserve weekend this weekend, so he couldn't be here.) My Uncle Ralph is here visiting, too.

She's gotten flowers and cards (a handmade one from Olivia) to make her birthday special.

Liv's card has a cake on it saying, "Happy Birthday Oma" along with fireworks and balloons!

Before leaving town, my mom ordered a birthday cake for Oma. It's lemon cake with raspberry filling; Livie and I picked it up at the bakery this morning. Let me tell you, it was hard going into a bakery with a 4-year-old and telling her "We're not getting anything but the cake." There were so many things she wanted to get, but alas, we were just there for the cake. Somehow we made it out of there with the cake and without a dreaded melt-down.

Yes, Oma turns 86 today!
It's a yummy cake, by the way! It's as delish as it looks!

After we brought the cake home, we all went out to lunch; we went to an Italian restaurant called Bravo! Cucina Italiana for lunch.

Oma, not being a big fan of Italian food, ordered a steak, which she devoured. Livie and I shared an entree - spaghettini with meatballs. It was really, really good. Uncle Ralph ordered a pasta dish with shrimp.

After returning home, it was time for cake!! Olivia couldn't wait to help Oma blow out candles. But since I couldn't find any regular candles, we had to use numbered candles (there was a "4" and a "0" from my 40th birthday, which we hadn't used, and a "2" from Livie's 2nd birthday, which also hadn't been used).

Livie decided to use all of them, so she could have three candles to blow out.

 Liv's posing with two of the candles.

Time to finally blow out the candles! Oma's having fun, too!

All in all, it was a fun day for Oma!


varunner said...

Happy bday to Oma! I almost feel like I know her, through your blog posts (yes, that's a writing compliment!)
Gorgeous flowers, and that cake sounds divine.

Dee said...

Nice photo of Oma!

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