Friday, January 28, 2011

Memory Lane Friday - No Theme

This week's Memory Lane Friday is another "No Theme" week.

Well, I've had so much reading for grad school this week (with TWO literature classes, by the way), I haven't really had time to write a blog post for this week's Memory Lane Friday post. By the time I'm finished reading, it's super late, and I'm wiped out.

So, since this week is a "No Theme" week, I'm going to post a few photos and let them tell the story.

 Just outside the front of our house in Alamogordo, New Mexico, February 2007.
We're getting ready to go on a walk on the trail behind our house. 

Here's the view from the trail - we saw this beautiful vista (Sacramento Mountains) from our back yard every day.
While in the kitchen, living room, or master bedroom, we could see this view.

 Liv's enjoying herself. (Note how she's dressed in February in southern New Mexico.)

Here's Daddy on the trail.

See why I sometimes really, really miss my New Mexico home? It was absolutely beautiful there!!

Please come back next week when the theme is "A Hiding Place."

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varunner said...

It was beautiful! Wish I was there now!

Susan Evans said...

Wow, what a gorgeous view!!!

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