Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Blast From the Past - Horse Show pics

Wow! I found a few horse show photos from way back when . . .

In the first one, I was about 9.5-years-old (April 1980) on a chestnut pony. . . I think her name was Blue Jeans. Looks like a schooling show.
I'm the one right in the middle, leaning to the side, looking at who-knows-what. The pony I was riding looks less than thrilled. I take it I hadn't learned how to pull a mane yet, judging by the pony's bushy, unkempt mane.

The next two are from a show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds a couple years later, sometime in April or May 1982, so I was about 11.5-years-old. 

This time, though, I was riding my own horse, Chico. I vaguely remember that this show was very muddy; it had rained for a few days leading up to this show. So in this first photo, you'll see that I had done up Chico's tail in a "mud tail" so it wouldn't get all gunky and gross from the mud. 

This second photo is also from the same horse show with Chico. I'm not sure why, but it sure looks like I'm biting on my lower lip in this photo.
I even braided him myself. Not bad for a pre-teen who always got impatient and bored braiding manes.

1 comment:

varunner said...

Love the Chico pics. And the early schooling show :-) One of these days I'll put pics of my very first horse show up. I need to scan them.

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