Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Non-stop fun at the Macadamia Ranch

We got to the Macadamia Ranch around 2 PM on Christmas Day. When we got here, the house smelled absolutely delicious, because my mom had made tacos, beans and rice for Christmas dinner.

Of course, we'd left our home around 11:00AM, we were on the road at lunchtime. Around 12:30, Livie said she was hungry, so we stopped at a couple fast food restaurants on the road . . . all closed because it was Christmas Day.

So we stopped at a convenience store to get beverages and snacks. Liv was REALLY hungry, and so were Andrew and I, because we'd eaten breakfast around 8:30.

Needless to say, by the time we'd gotten to my parents' house (a.k.a The Macadamia Ranch), we were definitely ready to eat!!

Thank goodness my mom asked, "Are you all ready to eat now?" as soon as we walked into the door.


We were treated to that taco dinner right then and there. Mmmmm, it was so good!

Then, after cleaning the kitchen, we all headed to the living room, because my parents had a few presents for Livie, and Oma had a couple presents to open, too!

Livie had gotten a bath for her Bitty Baby, as well as a matching outfit for both her Bitty Baby and herself.

Oma got a beautiful blouse and sweater from my Uncle Ralph and Gloria.
She obviously hasn't opened her gifts yet; she wanted to watch Livie open hers, first. At least I caught a smile on her face!

All in all, it was a fun day.

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