Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Liv goes to the Cath Lab

Yesterday, we had a full day of fun.

We'd planned on going to the Art Center, but they didn't open 'til 11:00 AM.

So what did we do before heading for our experience in education and beauty?

We headed to Mercy Hospital to visit Nonno at the Cath Lab.

See, Nonno is a cardiologist, and he had some cases in the Cath Lab yesterday, where he'd "roto-rooter" (his words) blocked heart arteries (to put it in lay-person terms). Other days, he may be in the office all day, but he loves being in the Cath Lab, and yesterday that's where he was.

Livie had never seen what he did for a living, so we decided to stop by so she could see what happened when Nonno goes "off to the races."

She was so excited to see him at work!

And he was surprised and happy to see us, showing Livie what he was looking at and if she could see the heart as it beat on the video.
Here they are in the video monitor room just outside the cath lab, where they're reviewing a film. He's trying to show her the heart as it beats. It's actually really cool. It's like an x-ray, but in movie form, so he and his assistants have to wear lead aprons to protect them from radiation. Nonno's lead apron and neck piece are camouflage and have his initials. 

Not only did she get to see this video, she went around with him and got treats from all the "hidden" stashes - the nurses all knew where the good stuff was, so Livie got taffy, Christmas cookies, red vines, and bubble gum.

Finally, she got to actually watch him do a procedure - we were in the video monitor room while he was in the actual cath lab. We got to see plenty of cool stuff - modern medicine at work!

It was impressive.

After we parted ways with Nonno, we headed out so we could go to the Art Center.

But first, Livie was hungry. Andrew asked what to do about lunch. I said we could go to the cafeteria downstairs, or the . . . McDonald's downstairs. The vote was unanimous. McDonald's, downstairs in the hospital.

Just as we got there, guess who came around the corner? Nonno. Livie was so excited to see him, not only at his work, but at the McDonald's AT his work!

He'd come down and said, "Oh, I knew I'd find you here!" He visited with us for a few minutes, but then had to go on his way.

Once we finished lunch, we found his office and found that he'd taken Livie's Elmo to work. Where was Elmo? At Nonno's desk.

Funny, huh? It inspired us to take this photo of Livie in Nonno's jacket:

Liv thought it was such a great adventure. When asked what was her favorite part, she said "Seeing the heart, and getting candy!"

Then it was time to leave. I debated on whether to leave Elmo in his office, or bring him with us, but we left him for Nonno (who forgot him, thus causing some tears when he got home sans the red one).

Then it was off to our next adventure.
Walking to the car . . . 

Exterior view . . . 

Later on at home, Livie's modeling her hair cover, face mask, and booties! She's ready to go!

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varunner said...

She's so cute in that huge doctor coat! Sounds like a really fun day. I think my favorite part would've been the heart and McDonalds ;-)

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