Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Belated" Birthday Post

Okay, so my birthday was last month, and I'm just now posting a few photos, hence the "'Belated' Birthday Post."

We went to my parents' place to celebrate my birthday with them and most importantly, to include my Oma. My parents' place is about 130 miles west of where we live, by the way, so it's just over 2 hours away by car.

To start off my birthday, on our way out of town, we'd gone through a Starbucks drive-thru, where Andrew had gotten me a salted caramel hot chocolate. Yum-o! (Livie got a kids' hot chocolate, and shared a couple mini vanilla scones with me in the car.)

So . . . my mom had gotten a cake for me. She'd originally had me call the bakery to request what I wanted and she'd pay for it and pick it up on my birthday. Well, somehow, the order got changed around. While I didn't get the cake decorated in the shape of a couple stacked birthday presents like I'd requested, I still got a great looking cake. Livie loved all the pink and purple flowers, by the way. (Most importantly, it tasted good(!) - white cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting!)

 Here's the view from the side, so you can see the cute little dots.

Oma liked it, too. She couldn't believe I was turning 40! She remembers me as a tiny baby, being carried off a plane by my mom, when we returned from a US Army base in Germany. Oma was so excited to finally see me, she ran up the steps to get me, at which point, she says she never let me go.

Here's Oma as she inspects the cake, reminiscing back 4 decades when she became the "President of the Pink Bundle Fan Club."

Now, on to the dinner menu: homemade tacos, refried beans, Spanish rice, guacamole, and all the regular taco fixings (shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded Monterrey-Jack cheese).

It was a delicious dinner and totally hit the spot. I could eat that meal once a week. But since it's high in calories, and besides, I simply cannot seem to get the knack of making Oma's tacos, I only get to eat this meal if someone is kind enough to make it for me.

We ended up eating in the formal dining room - my parents, Andrew, Liv, Oma, NanĂ¡, and Monsignor B (who performed the wedding ceremony for Andrew and me).

It was a nice way to celebrate - with my family, as we ate tasty food.

I have to admit that a number of years ago, I promised myself that Andrew and I would spend my 40th birthday by having a long weekend to ourselves in Vegas. That plan ended up not being feasible. (Maybe that weekend will happen for our 10th wedding anniversary, but we'll see.)

But you know what? We had a fun time with the way my birthday turned out, and that is is what's important, right?

Oh, and I let Liv take a photo of me with my camera. 

Yes, it's blurry; she was right up in my face. With a little work and lots of practice, one day she'll be really good at photography! But the best part of her taking my picture is that it was a funny moment. AND . . . she actually likes taking pictures, almost as much as I do!

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varunner said...

Pretty cake! Happy belated 40 :-)

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