Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missing my New Mexico home . . .

Here are some photos that I'd love to share. I think they're beautiful. Maybe some of you will agree with me. ;) I took them when we lived in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Most of them were taken from our back yard (yes, we were very lucky to have that kind of view from our back yard and I'm thankful). And then there's one from White Sands National Monument, about a 20 minute drive from our home. White Sands is also in Alamogordo, NM (just an FYI, in case you were curious).

Here's a view of our back yard one evening, the day before summer started (and the day before our anniversary). It's a good view of the evening light that I love, and it makes me feel saudade for the southwest.
Photo date: 20 Jun 2007

A bright summer day (the day after our anniversary), with some clouds over the mountains - probably a storm brewing on the east side of the mountains. Sometimes we'd get the storm, but then again, sometimes it would stall out and not make it over the mountains to our house.
Photo date: 22 Jun 2007 

Another shot from that same day summer day; check out that cloud formation!
Photo date: 22 Jun 2007

I always loved watching storm clouds developing and hovering over the mountains. Here's a beautiful storm shot from sometime in the summer of 2007:

And here's a shot of White Sands National Monument, Alamogordo, New Mexico from the winter of 2007. I love the turquoise skies against the snow-white sand. Very dramatic and beautiful. I miss New Mexico.
Photo date: 19 Feb 2007

And finally, here's a winter photo of the mountains covered with snow, as seen from my backyard.
Photo date: 20 Jan 2007

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Andrew said...

Let's go back if you miss it so much. You know my thoughts. I would go back tomorrow. Sorry we can't go back to the same house you loved so much.

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