Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm Seeing a Theme . . .

Sometimes it's nice to spend a lazy Sunday at home, in our PJs, just hanging out. Today is one of those days here at our house.

Eager to find something to do inside, Livie promptly found some paper and chalk. Olivia likes doing creative projects to keep herself occupied. Thus far, she has completed a number of chalk drawings already, most of which consisted of storm clouds, rain, and "Princess Heart" (uh, that would be Olivia as she's wearing a crown) standing underneath all those huge, blue, falling drops.

Today, though, Daddy also had a good idea.

Long ago, when we were first married (or maybe sometime just before we'd gotten married), Andrew had bought a 3D "puzzle" consisting of wooden dinosaur "bones." We thought it was cool, this T-Rex skeleton replica.

However, we've yet to put it together.

That is, until today.

It's almost kinda funny that for years now, it's been in its original cardboard box, just waiting for us to assemble it, making the move with us (always in its box) as we went from military assignment to military assignment all across the country. After each move as we unpacked, we'd find the box and think we need to put this together!

It's certainly had a long journey. We'd bought it in North Carolina. It had stayed in its box, and ended up heading to the greater Boston area in our household goods. Then to Alamogordo, New Mexico. Now it's here with us in east-central Iowa. 

So Daddy's great idea was to have Livie help him put it together. She LOVED the idea of being his assistant!

Here are some photos of Olivia, the potential paleontologist as she's having fun assisting her Daddy. They worked hard putting together this well-traveled T-Rex skeleton. (Oh, and please excuse our messy den - organized spaces have a short life span when combined with a 4-year-old and a Sunday at home!):

Here is the new paleontologist as she happily lends a helping hand.

Helping Daddy as he puts on a leg "bone"!

 "Look! I found another bone! Mommy, take a picture!"

 The "paleontologist" is sorting out the "bones" she found.

 The skeleton and Olivia are the same size. She was very happy to be the same size as a T-Rex! 

And here is the "theme" I thought of today as I watched Olivia get excited about T-Rex "bones" . . . at preschool recently, Olivia (the potential paleontologist) wrote the word "scientist":


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