Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the Blink of an Eye

Four years ago today, Livie was born in Concord, MA. Four years ago today, I was on mandatory bedrest (as I had been since mid-January). Four years ago today, it was a Friday and I was relieved of my bedrest temporarily so I could head off to the Labor & Delivery department; this was for my semiweekly non-stress test (NST). I had a standing appointment every Tuesday and Friday at 11 AM. I was usually in and out within 60-90 minutes and then back home, and back in bed.

But not this day four years ago. Not this day, the day I was 37 weeks, 3 days, full-term.

It was an icy day in Concord, MA. Kinda sunny. But  very cold, and definitely a New England winter's day.

So I went in for my NST, thinking I'd be home by afternoon. However, I ended up staying for the next few days because I ended up needing a c-section.

And Livie the "Bossy Boss" was born!!

Now, because today is the middle of the week, we had her 4th Birthday Party this past Saturday, the 20th. Scroll down a few posts, and you'll see the post about her party and the photos of her celebrating.

However, she did take treats to preschool/Pre-K today. I picked up some yummy frosted cookies from Jules' Bakery in Marion, IA so she could have special treats on her actual birthday.

Here is a sample of her treats. They have balloons on them in frosting!

And here she was four years ago today:

And in the blink of an eye, she is 4 years old! Here are a couple photos of her on the day she is officially a 4-year-old! Here she is in her "Birthday Girl" bling-encrusted shirt!


Happy Birthday, Pretty Little Itty Bitty Livie!


varunner said...

I saw your post on facebook and came over to check out your blog :-) She's beautiful! Love the treats!

Sonya said...

Thanks, VA! And the treats are tasty (I kept a couple - the ones in the photo) and ate one after lunch. They were SOOOO good! And Livie still had enough for her preschool birthday party. ;)

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