Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm addicted!

I'm having trouble pulling myself away from the Olympics on TV. Everything from moguls (way to go Hannah Kearney!), speed skating - especially short track (congrats, Apolo Ohno!!), and of course, hockey!! I just can't get enough Olympics!! (And it will be the same in 2 years for the Summer Games . . . maybe even worse, because I'll need to watch the equestrian sports!)

I love Blackhawks hockey, so I'm obviously a big hockey fan . . . needless to say, now that the US is playing hockey against Canada, I am on the edge of  my seat! Woo hoo! It's an exciting game, and I almost can't watch!

Of course, during commercial breaks, I'm switching the channel to watch the skiers. Got to watch one US ice dancing pair, but I've missed a lot of the others. Maybe when the second period is over, I can watch some other sports for a little while.

I keep wondering how these athletes' friends and families watch this, especially the families who are in Vancouver in person. How can they stand the suspense?

Okay, there's the end of the 2nd period. So now that I've checked the other channel, I see that it's on a commercial.

This is driving me nuts. Thee are too many exciting sports on right now - hockey, skiing, ice dancing . . . what to watch?! Way too many decisions, and way too much fun, no matter the constant channel flipping.

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