Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wrapping Up Birthday Week

On Saturday, we held the final celebration of "Livie's Birthday Week." This was the party (with cake, of course) with Livie's family, including her great-grandmother, Oma. Here's the photo tour of Livie's birthday celebration with her family:
Livie, Grandmam√°, and Grandpap√° are waiting for the party to start.

I make sure Livie always gets fresh flowers for her birthday. Daddy picked out such a festive, colorful bunch!

Pizza time!
Nonno wonders if someone needs help eating her pizza.

A pteranodon puzzle/skeleton - one of the many gifts she was excited about.

Another favorite gift - a sink/mirror/toothbrush kit for her American Girl.

She also got a green St. Patrick's Day colored Patrick Kane Blackhawks t-shirt.

Nonno sleeps.

Scarlett sleeps.

Time to sing "Happy Birthday"!

Yummy, yummy cake!

Abuelita and Nonno pose for a picture.

Later, Oma and Abuelita are entertained by a finger puppet show.


TexWisGirl said...

how very sweet! love the fresh flowers for her birthday. :)

Jill said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration of Livie's big day and of family!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm glad she had such a great birthday. The cake is awesome!

Ellie said...

Sounds like your daughter has a great birthday. Love the bright colourful flowers.
I bet that cake was really tasty.

Michaele said...

Beautiful women in the family - right down to the American Girl. Great fun and memories.

Teresa said...

Fun memories and good times. Not too many people can say that they celebrated their childhood birthday with a great-grandmother.

Nancy Claeys said...

What a fun day! The flowers are gorgeous and the pizza and cake sound delicious. :)

Sandy said...

Wow what great pictures and what a lovely family! I love those flowers! Wonderful post. =)

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