Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taking a moment to remember . . .

Just thinking of U.H. as the light turns golden, just before the sun sets completely. It's supposed to be a full moon, by the way . . . in case you were wondering.

Also, since I recently posted about books, I thought I'd post some "lost" photos I recently re-discovered. Okay, they weren't really lost, but I'd forgotten I had them. They were tucked away in a photo file I hadn't needed to look in, but for taming curiosity.

Below are the photos I found . . . they are of U.H. and a baby Livie in El Paso as they share a "discussion" over a good book - something U.H. was good at, and something Livie is now showing a love for; she and I will continue to share discussions over good books. And I can hardly wait to get her a library card of her own, when she's old enough. Maybe she'll be better at returning them in a timely manner than I am.

Liv's momentarily distracted as she walks to U.H. for story time.

Time for reading!

Sir Rafa is looking on.

U.H.: Thanks for conducting story time with "Kitty Cat" (a.k.a. Livie). I'm glad I captured it in photos.

1 comment:

patriciamia said...

Once again, these are beautiful photos, Sonya. I guess this was part of the black phase. (Smile). Thanks for posting.

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