Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 Marion Arts Festival

This past Saturday, we headed to Marion's City Square Park to enjoy some art created by artists from across the country. We went to the 2010 Marion Arts festival. I guess this is something that has been going on for nearly two decades!

Fortunately, it was a nice, cool, mostly cloudy day, so the weather helped make the festival enjoyable.

There were two artist there who were from New Mexico! One was a painter and the other was a printmaker from Albuquerque. Both happened to have crows in their artwork. I don't know if that's "coincidence" or not, but I've been feeling saudade for New Mexico, and have had a dream or two about crows lately. Good ol' Joe Leaphorn, the "Legendary Lieutenant" of Tony Hillerman's books doesn't believe in coincidence, so maybe the crows are trying to give me a message.

But enough of that . . . and back to the festival. It was a lot of fun, and Livie enjoyed the "party" with all the crowds, the scents of tasty food wafting through the air, the great artwork, and the drum line, that made her get out of the BOB and dance around.

We even bought a small photo of some red chiles, as a reminder of how we enjoyed New Mexico so much. But the photographer? This particular artist was actually from Wisconsin! Imagine that! He had great artwork, which is why we were so impressed with his chile photo so reminding us of our beloved Southwest.

Lots of crowds pack into Marion's City Square Park to view all the great artwork by artists from all over.

Livie's enjoying a hot dog nearly as big as she is!

Liv hears the drum line and has to dance around!

There she goes! She actually told Daddy (a trumpeter), "Trumpets and brass are good, but the drum line is COOL!"

She's hopping away to the drum line's beat!

I couldn't afford the beautiful ceramics, so I took a picture.

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