Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A child and her great-grandmother

This past weekend, Livie got to spend time with her great-grandmother - her bisabuelita as one would say in Spanish.

Oma and Livie had fun together, and Oma even had some great adventures! First, Andrew, Livie, Oma, and I went to the Drake Diner (a Des Moines area classic diner near Drake University) for lunch on Friday. Then we spent time with Oma at the house. And to top off the weekend, Oma had fun in red.

Here are some photos of their time together over the first weekend of May . . . 

At the Drake Diner, Oma's listening to Livie as we wait for lunch to arrive:
Note the ever-present lipstick Oma is known to wear.

Oma's enjoying a Coke (the glass is almost as big as she is!):
Oma has just told me not to take a photo of her. I obviously didn't listen to my grandmother.

Oma and Livie are playing tic-tac-toe while wating for our food:

We've finished lunch (Livie and Oma shared a grilled cheese sandwich and fries). Now Oma and Livie are sharing a huge strawberry malt. Here's Oma consuming half of the gigantic malt (again, Oma has just "warned" me not to take a photo):
The Drake Diner has the best malts in the area. They are absolutely awesome and are so thick, it's hard to drink them through a straw. During dessert, Oma told us about how, when she was young and in California, she and her cousins went to a place that had malts equally thick. She had fun reminiscing about those days.

Back at home the next day, Livie's hanging out in Abuelita's kitchen. Here she is, talking away (she's speaking to Oma, who's just out of range of the camera):

Oma's having fun listening to Livie:

Here they are, laughing about something:

Oma gets a well-deserved hug from her great-granddaughter:

Here she is, getting a kiss:

Oma's laughing about something Livie has said:

Oma, Livie, Caesar:

On Sunday, Oma poses as she "pushes" Nonno in her wheelchair:

Now they're posing in the red convertible:

Now Oma's heading out for a ride with Nonno (after Livie has obviously gotten out - there's no carseat in that car):

There goes Oma:

See you soon, Oma! Vroom, vroom . . . there she goes:

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patriciamia said...

I don't know why, but these words . . . these photos made me cry. Your grandma has such a beautiful smile.

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