Saturday, May 8, 2010

Remembering Saturday May 8, 1993

Today, Jessica, a fellow Lake Forest College (LFC) classmate of mine (see Little Merry Sunshine for her blog), wrote about how today, Saturday May 8, is the 17th Anniversary of the day we graduated from college - Saturday May 8, 1993 in Lake Forest, IL.

Wow! That seems like so very long ago once you do the math and realize it was seventeen years ago today! Holy cow!

So, in honor of that day over a decade and a half ago, I'm going to post some photos my dad and grandfather took back then in the Enchanted Forest.

Friday May 7, 1993. We're at Lake Michigan, at the beach in Lake Forest, IL:
L to R: Me, Oma, Sir Rafa, my Mom

Again, Friday May 7, 1993 at the beach in Lake Forest, IL:
L to R: Me, my mom, Oma (look at how healthy Oma looks!)

Saturday May 8, 1993: Bagpipes at the beginning of the graduation procession:

Graduation day - President Eugene Hotchkiss, III (in red), and Bill Kurtis, our graduation speaker, in the middle:

President Hotchkiss is speaking:
Bill Kurtis, our graduation speaker, is standing to Pres. Hotchkiss' right (on the left of the photo).

Here I am in my cap and gown. I must've been lining up with the I surnames behind the Hs:

Here's another candid shot of me in my cap and gown:

Here I am, in the midst of graduating, shaking President Hotchkiss' hand:

I've got that important envelope in hand (and there's Bill Kurtis to my right):

I've graduated! Now I'm heading back to my seat:

I'm getting a hug from my grandfather, Sir Rafa:
Note he's holding "Crackers" his cane (can't see the bulldog face from this angle). This hug was the best graduation gift I could've ever received. 

I'm posing with my grandparents after the ceremony.
I don't know why none of us is smiling.

Rodrigo, myself, and my brother Joe:

My parents and I are posing together after the ceremony:

After the ceremony, I'm posing with the woman who taught me how to read:

So thanks to Jessica for reminding me of the importance of this day. Wow, that was a fun walk down memory lane. I have a lot of great memories from attending LFC, and being "home" in the Chicagoland area. 

And I'm glad I've had the opportunity to reconnect with friends from my days attending LFC . . . like Jessica, Beth (see her blog, Social Climbers), and many others I've reconnected with on social media (like Facebook and LinkedIn).

Oh, and "Happy Anniversary" to my fellow LFC classmates of 1993! If I had a margarita in my hand right now, I'd offer you all a "Cin cin!"

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