Sunday, November 8, 2009


This is an assignment from a creative writing class. We had to choose a color and write a description of that color in first person, as if we were that color. We were limited to 250 words or less. I chose the color brown. Here it is . . .

I am NOT boring. I am not average. I am the power of brown.

I am sensual. Ever feel the velvety-smooth warmth of a molten-centered chocolate cake coat your tongue with luscious, sweet fullness? That would be me, as the epitome of satiety at the end of a luxurious meal. Or, if you’re looking for something more tactile with fewer calories, think of the glossiness of Salma Hayek’s long, flowing mane, dark enough to look nearly black. Or the coffee of Hugh Jackman’s eyes; with just a glance, he can make a woman swoon. Yep, me again. Brown.

I am all-natural. Think of me where I flourish, in the dust-ridden southwest. Sure, I look like grime, dirt, or simply the ground that you walk on. But have you ever taken a really good look? Watch me during a sunset in Santa Fe, or Phoenix, or Las Vegas. I look golden, like Midas himself graced me with his presence and touched me. Sometimes I look like fire, depending on how low the sun is in the horizon. Think of the Grand Canyon, where I can look royal, like regal purple herself. I am nature in all her glory, her palette of beauty.

Here’s a good one. Think of some commercials. Who delivers your boxes? This one makes me smile, especially during the holidays. You know exactly who I’m talking about. There is a company who describes itself as none other than “Brown.” I’m commerce itself.

Don’t call me boring. I’m brown.

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Andrew said...

You had me at "Salma Hayek"!

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