Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunshine and Snow!!

Okay, so yesterday was supposed to be all dreary, overcast, and snowy. I don't have a single problem with snow - Liv and I love it! But the cloud cover? I find it depressing.

However, mid-morning, the clouds dissipated and the sun came out! It was so incredibly nice!

And to top it all off, since Andrew had to head to the University of Iowa to get his books for this semester, I decided we'd all go; I needed books for one more class - and since it was such a nice day out, it would be a good Saturday adventure.

I was pleasantly surprised that I actually only had two books for this particular class ("Native American Women and Religious Change") and the total cost for both was just under $40. (My very first semester of grad school left me with $300 worth of books for only two classes!)

Anyway, it took Andrew a long time to get his books. In the time that we were waiting for him, Livie and I had a lot of fun outside in the snow on campus.

Here are quite a few photos . . . 

Glad to be on campus on a nice day!

Little girl, BIG building! Liv's at Schaeffer Hall.

Whoa! Looking up!

Tracking animal prints in the snow!

I just liked the blue-gray shadows on the snow, here.

Playing in the snow in front of the Old Capitol.

It warmed up to a comfortable winter temperature.

We even had a chance to stop at the Bluebird Diner for a late lunch. (Liv and I were famished by the time Andrew finally got his books - it was about 1:30 PM by the time we ate!)

We were sitting by the window with the sun blasting in, so I was dealing with bright light AND shadow at the same time with my little point and shoot camera.
Waiting for lunch at the Bluebird Diner!

Livie and Daddy!

Liv's mac 'n' cheese finally arrived! Yummo!

I liked how the light was shining in this window. I didn't capture it very well.

We had an awesome day!


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I love that last photo too! The colored bottles just pop! :)

Jill said...

It really looks like an awesome day! I love Livie's smile. She always looks so happy. Please tell her how much I love the coloring she did. It's beautiful!

TexWisGirl said...

looks like a great day of sunshine and fresh air!

Randy said...

I love days like this. Sun and snow make for a happy day. Nice shots.

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