Friday, February 4, 2011

Memory Lane Friday - A Hiding Place

Today's Memory Lane Friday topic is "A Hiding Place."

I don't remember having a specific hiding place when I was young.

However, I remember a time when my mom came to me for help regarding my brother Joe and his hiding spot.

One afternoon, maybe it was a Saturday, I was off doing my own thing, probably holed up in my room, reading. I'm estimating I must've been around 14 or so at the time.

My mom was busy doing one thing or another around the house (laundry or cleaning, or some such thing), as moms tend to do.

Well, at some point, I vaguely remember hearing her calling to Joe . . . or "Joey" as he was known back in the day. He was about 4 or 5 at the time (yes, there's an 8.5 year age difference).

I hadn't seen him, as I was in my room minding my own business.

Every so often, I'd hear her calling out to "Joey."

At some point, though, she came to me for help. "I can't find Joey anywhere. Have you seen him?" she asked me.


"You are clever and much closer to his age than I am. You're good at thinking like him. Can you please help me find him?"


"I think he's in or near his room. I keep thinking I hear him laughing in his room."

So at this point, I went to his room, quietly calling, "Joey . . . Jooooeeeey!"

Then I'd hear his cute little giggle. He was somewhere in his room. But where?

As I looked around, I saw the afghan blanket on his bed moving, ever so slightly, at the same moment I heard him giggling.


He'd been in his bed, trying his hardest to stay as still as possible. He also made sure his blanket was as smooth as possible.

My mom hadn't looked very closely at his bed. I almost didn't either!

I walked over there and pulled down the blanket, and there was his cute little face, sporting the biggest grin!

Come back next week when the theme is "Valentine's."

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1 comment:

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh that's cute! My brother once hid under a blanket under his bed when I was babysitting. i thought I'd never find him!

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