Friday, November 12, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - Something You Hated

This week's Memory Lane Friday topic is "Something You Hated."

And you know what? There was one thing that immediately popped into my mind from when I was still in grade school (sometime in the early to mid '80s).

Lentil soup.

I don't know what it was about lentil soup, but I couldn't stand it. I would cringe, make a face, feel queasy, when my mom would say we were having lentil soup for dinner. Ugh. I hated (and still hate) coconut. But for some reason, lentil soup was even WORSE than coconut. Blech.

I don't know if it was the "You WILL eat it - every single bite of it" and not the "Just try it" aspect that made me dislike it so much, or if it was the actual taste of the stuff.

But I was definitely filled with horror when I found out that was on the menu for dinner that night.

I think I used to try sneaking something else for dinner, whether it was a bowl of cereal, or a PB & J, or something - anything - different. I would definitely try to get something different.

One night, that didn't happen, though.

My dad had gotten home early that night, and was actually planning on sitting down to dinner with me and my siblings.

Of course, that put a wrench in my plans to sneakily get myself something else, right?

Well, when we were all at the table, served, I mumbled something like, "I'd rather eat dog food."

Guess who heard me?

Yep, my dad.

And guess what happened next?

He got mad, obviously. He got a bowl and led me to the enclosed porch where we kept our German Shepherd, Toby's food.

He had me scoop some of the dry kibble into the bowl and take it back to the kitchen.

I sat down with the bowl of kibble in front of me.

He was smiling, thinking that at this point, I'd go ahead and eat the lentil soup.

However, he didn't count on how stubborn I'd be.

Instead of reaching for my spoon and eating the lentil soup, I picked up a little piece of dog food, put it in my mouth, and started chewing.

Boy, was that gross! It was DISGUSTING!

Not realizing I'd actually go through with that, my dad stood there, flabbergasted.

Know what he did next?

After picking his jaw up off the floor, and finding his tongue, he threw up his hands and said something to the effect of, "I don't care. Eat whatever you want." (But I think it may have been laced with some bad words.)

I immediately went and brushed my teeth. Then I headed back to the kitchen for something completely different. A sandwich? A bowl of cereal? Leftovers from the day before? A bowl of lentil soup - FINALLY? I really don't remember.

Let's just say I couldn't believe how stubborn I was.

Now what do I think of lentil soup? I'll eat it, but I always remember of that evening if I do eat it.

Here's our dog, Toby, by the way.


varunner said...

Oh no! What an experience. The twins try to sneak and eat dog food all the time. I think they kind of like it.
I do like lentil soup. But I like split pea even better.

Sonya Heilmann said...

Funny thing is I'll eat it now if it's served to me, and I enjoy it sprinkled with a bit of grated parmesan (why didn't my mom or I think of parmesan back then?). But when I eat it now, as an adult, I always think of that evening long ago.

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