Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break Adventures Part III

Okay, here are the final photos from our spring break trip.

Monday evening included dinner at P.F. Chang's. Yummo. (I had an "Asian Pear Mojito" with my Chang's Spicy Chicken - both were delish!!) Liv had the kids' chicken with "sweet and sour" dipping sauce and a Shirley Temple beverage (the first time she'd ever had one). She loved that it was fizzy and pink!

Monday evening, Abuelita and Livie pose with the big P.F. Chang horse.

Tuesday morning included breakfast with Abuelita at the Cracker Barrel. It was Livie's idea to go here, and we appreciated the good idea. Livie had blueberry pancakes, while Abuelita and I each had pecan pancakes.

Before we'd left, Livie insisted on looking through the store. She'd ended up begging me for a stuffed animal lamb. Since she has a TON of stuffed animals at home, I'd said "no, not this time." She then asked me to take a picture of the particular lamb she'd wanted since she couldn't take the actual toy with her.
Here's the photo she wanted, since she wasn't able to get the actual stuffed animal.

Back to the house we went so we could gather our things and say goodbye before hitting the road.
Livie poses with her grandmother and great-grandmother before we left.

Of course, since Livie was a bit sad about leaving, I promised her we'd stop and get a treat at Caribou Coffee before heading out. Okay, she got a chocolate milk; Mama got the iced coffee. She likes stopping at Caribou because there are a couple of her "bear friends" who hang out there.
Livie and her bear friend and a cold chocolate milk. Mmmm!

Of course, we also had to stop at the "germ pit" (a.k.a. the kids' play area) at the nice mall. I wanted her to get the "wigglies" spent before we had to drive  2.5 hours home. Plus, we were able to get lunch in the food court (and use clean bathrooms) before starting our drive.
Yay! Blue skies!

She had to pose while playing.

Posing (again) for the camera.

I'm just glad we had good weather (though it was a bit windy at times, out in the open farmland).
The typical Iowa view on the drive east on I-80.


Sandy said...

Looks like a super fun trip! I understand why Livie doesn't want to leave. I wouldn't want to leave either if I had a nice grandmother and a great grandmother around with good weather! The chocolate milk would definitely not make me want to go home but stay at Caribou Coffee. Have great weekend Sonya! =)

Michaele said...

Now THAT'S how to Spring Break! That photo with her two grandmas is so special.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Love PF Changs. We don't have one here, but when I find one, I like the Ma Po Tofu.

When Pierce has started asking for stuff I have started telling him he has to save his money for it. He's been saving for a month (doing chores to make money - today he helped me clean the car) and he finally got enough to buy the Lego spaceship he wanted. He's so proud of himself, lol.

Nancy Claeys said...

Oh, that look on her face at the gift shop -- I coulnd't bear it. :)

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