Friday, March 2, 2012

Elevators and Coffee

I may have spent a little a lot of time being homesick for the Southwest yesterday (especially since my class' reading was about the Southwest, and our professor spent our class time going into detail about Hopis and Navajos in the Four Corners region). I did, however, end up getting to walk around in some weak sunshine as it tried breaking through the clouds. Walking AND sunshine always seem to be such mood-boosters (that and a good night's sleep . . . which I should be accomplishing, finally, tonight).

By the time I got to Iowa City yesterday, the complete (and seemingly permanent) cloud cover I'd had in the Cedar Rapids area had broken up a bit, and was letting some sunshine filter through.

I'd planned well and had gotten to school with plenty of time to get a coffee after parking at my usual parking garage. However, while I did get the "FULL" light again, I was fortunate in only having wait about 3-5 minutes before the gate went up, letting me through.

Anyway, I was really looking forward to getting a special treat - not just a regular cup o' joe, but a flavored coffee from The Java House; I was strongly leaning toward their double "caramel white mocha" (double, meaning the barista adds an extra shot of espresso). I try not to go there too often, because when I do, I usually end up getting one of their mocha-like beverages, and I'm absolutely sure those are laden with lots of unnecessary calories! (I really don't want to know because I'm sure it's a really scary number!!)

So as I was slowly driving through the parking garage, looking for a space (and going up, and up, from the lowest level to the next to the next . . . ), I was trying to decide what kind of coffee treat I was gonna get, the regular mocha or the caramel white mocha . . . and would they have some Mexican chocolate cookies this time? (I'd seen them in their bakery case once, but hadn't gotten one. Ever since, I've been so curious about what they tasted like, being a fan of Mexican hot chocolate . . . and mole.)

A-ha! A parking spot on the 4th level . . . and off I went toward the elevator, and minutes away from a caffeinated treat! Just the idea that I was treating myself to a once-in-a-while sugary, caffeinated beverage treat seemed to boost my mood.

But before I walked the few blocks to the coffee shop, I noticed something cool. Okay, I've noticed it before, but this time, the light bulb went on over my head. I had my camera in hand . . . I could take a photo. Of what? The light pattern the elevator's ceiling lights give off on the metallic elevator walls:
Not the best photo, but it gives you a decent view of the light pattern. I had to snap the photo quickly because it was just about to ding at floor "1" and open its doors.

And then to show you what I appreciate about Iowa City, I took a photo of the "Ped Mall" (the Pedestrian Mall), which has plenty of shops, restaurants, the Iowa City Public Library, and is located fairly close to some of the campus buildings where a couple of my classes are held. Yes, the skies are doing their best to clear up.
I especially like this area in the spring time (but my allergies don't) because the leaves are starting to burst out of their buds, and you can feel the vibe starting to change as the season changes.

I enjoy walking through here, regardless of the season, though. (I like winter, but not just because I like snow and cold temps, but because they have those little white lights adorning the bare trees at various points throughout the Ped Mall - they're very festive against the white snow.)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm glad you got out for a walk and some coffee!

TexWisGirl said...

i like your lighting photo. almost looks like a smile face. :)

Sandy said...

Sounded like a well needed outing. Lights always make things look shiny no? I'm like you - I get nostalgic about places. It's the darndest thing. Have a wonderful weekend! =)

Teresa said...

Really neat light pic. I was homesick for the southwest after visiting here for only 4 days back in 2005 and I didn't get to move here til the end of 2010...5 years I had Az on the brain. I can relate to wanting to be somewhere especially at this time of year when it is gloomy most of the time. I never spent much time in Iowa so these pictures are fun for me to look at.

Randy said...

Walking is great to clear the head. That's why I do it everyday. Nice shot.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Nice to have a walk...I like these pics

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